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We specialize in enterprise database and file server backup and recovery.

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About Spharsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We Are In The Data Protection Business

We help customers safeguard their data and applications using our high-performance data backup and recovery product - ShparVault. Customers can protect their data irrespective of whether it resides in virtual, physical, or cloud environment.We specialize in database and file system backup and recovery.


SpharVault is a high-performance flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use data protection solution for Windows Server networks. It provides enormous range of Database and File system backup options in physical as well as cloud environment.


SpharVault offers excellent compression rate, wide-ranging backup and restore features


SpharVault provides flexible approach for data protection that includes seamless and efficient backup and restore of data in an enterprise for file systems and databases.


SpharVault offers faster recovery to databases and files/folders with an ability to search and perform granular level restore in seconds.

Data Security

SpharVault uses 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest and data in transit in case of cloud services


SpharVault storage provides flexible disk and third-party cloud storage options to store backup data of any size. SpharVault cloud storage supports caching of recent backup data (hot backups) data which helps to restore quickly in case of hardware failure.

Centralized Management

SpharVault provides centralized management platform for complete visibility of backup infrastructure, storage, backup and restore scheduling and centralized policy management, monitoring, and reporting, which federate across multiple SpharVault servers from multiple geographical locations.

Simple User Interface

It's easy to learn and manage user interface makes customers experience delightful.


SpharVault provide affordable capacity based licenses offerings based on the level of functionality you need in a backup solution with a pay as your backup data grows.

Trial Standard Enterprise
Backup Capacity Unlimited 1 TB 5 TB
No of Server Protected Unlimited 20 Unlimited
No of SpharVault Server Unlimited 2 Unlimited
Microsoft SQL Database Backup
File and Folder backup
Backup Copy

*Capacity is defined as the size of the protected uncompressed data (i.e. data that has not been de-duplicated).
*Trial period is of 60 days.

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